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WWE: Another Big ECW DVD, John Cena Update, Edge, & More

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 03:46 PM

Both Edge and John Cena were in Los Angeles yesterday at the E3 Convention. Edge had a short line and left early. Cena was seen walking around quite a bit checking things out.

Despite John Cena being all over the place as WWE champion with his new hip-hop album hitting the charts at number 15, in today's Las Vegas Review Journal, Sam's Town Casino has an ad for a free showing of Judgment Day, where the main-event is listed as JBL vs. John Senna.

Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash are apparently releasing a DVD on 6/10, which will be sold at the ECW Arena, called "Forever Hardcore." It is the Tod Gordon version of "The Rise and Fall of ECW", where there are in-depth interviews with people left off WWE's DVD such as Shane Douglas, Raven, Tod Gordon, and Jeremy Borash.

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