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WWE: Former WCW Star Signs With WWE, The Rock, RAW News & Notes

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 12:01 PM
Source: Observer Newsletter

- It appears Juvetund Guerrera has signed his WWE contract. He is telling friends he won’t be doing jobs on his way out of Mexico because that would look bad for a WWE superstar. WWE is working on finishing his paperwork for his visa.

- Mike The Miz (Mizanin) is expected to sign a WWE developmental deal.

- At the end of April, the world wide gross for “Be Cool” (starring The Rock) was at $88.8 million.

- Fans in Canada will not have to worry about where to find "Raw" in the fall of 2006 as TSN did not end up obtaining the rights to "Monday Night Football". City TV ended up with the rights instead.


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