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WWE: RVD Talks About His Return, The Coolest Diva, & More

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 12:01 PM
Thanks to Graham Emery & PWInsider for the following recap.

Rob Van Dam on SKY Sports News Report

The hosts were plugging RVD's appearance all throughout the day, but only announced a time, at around an hour before he was to even appear on the show. They said that he was a former WWE Hardcore and Intercontinental champion and that he was known to fans as the "Van Daminator," even though that is actually one of his signature moves.

Before RVD was about to come onto the show, the male host stated that he was "just getting some make-up on" and the female host said that he was "going to get it now." They went to a quick break and then came back, ran down the sports headlines and welcomed Rob Van Dam to the show, calling him "Mr. Monday Night, Mr. Thursday Night and Mr. Wednesday afternoon."

RVD said "that's right; I just want to steal the show whatever day I'm on."

The hosts say that they have been getting many e-mails asking why he hasn't been on TV recently, to which he informs them of his knee injury and says that he won't be able to wrestle again until August.

They then showed clips of Rob Van Dam versus René Dupree from the SmackDown! Taping from Manchester, the first time they did SmackDown! from the UK, with RVD telling them what move is what (Five Star Frog Splash, Van Terminator, etc.)

The female host then asks about his outfits, RVD says he has over forty outfits in his closet, and he says that he has somebody design them, then a guy in Savannah, Georgia creates them for him.

He is asked by a fan who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman RVD says "Supes" would win and that he's a DC Comics boy, not a Marvel guy. They then talk about RVD's love for comics and his comic store in Los Angeles, RVD says that he gets some of his wrestling buddies to appear at the store and they get massive lines around the mall.

Rob is asked who is favourite diva is, he replies that he thinks the coolest diva is Stacy Keibler, and he says that they are all beautiful, Trish, Torrie and "the one with the legs…. Err… Christy." He says that they were getting more and more divas each week before he left, and that he couldn't remember all of their names.

He talks about once being suspended in school for doing a back flip off of the roof of his school and he had to spend every lunch in the lunch hall as he wasn't trusted enough to go out onto the playground because he might something like that again. He says to kids that they should pay attention and get a good education in school.

He then goes on to discuss how laid back and confident he is, he says he got this from doing martial arts and believing in himself, he said that he once got disqualified from a martial arts tournament for hitting his opponent too hard. He also says that he has had fans come up to him and tell him that he has inspired them, and says that makes him feel good.

Just as RVD leaves, the hosts give a tiny plug to Judgment Day which is live this Sunday on SKY Box Office over here in the UK.

RVD was on-air for about fifteen minutes, which is the usual time a wrestler gets on the show, as they have interviewed Steve Austin and Chris Benoit in the past.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 08:20 AM
How can you diss a legend, RVD, RVD, RVD.
The WWE need to support this guy and plug him because he is a massive fan favourite.


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