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WWE: Kimberly Page Talks About Bischoff, The Gold Club, Playboy

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:36 PM
Show: The Interactive Interview (Courtesy of
Guest: Kimberly Page
Date: May 10, 2005
Your Hosts: Erik Clancy, Chuck D, & James Walsh
Recap By: James Walsh

She's one of the sexiest female performers of all time. She's one of the first women of wrestling to bare it all in the pages of Playboy. And, she was the captain of the famed WCW Nitro Girls. She is Kimberly Page. And, she's the latest guest on The Interactive Interview!

Available for download is an archived version of Tuesday night's TII Live featuring a 40 minute interview with Kimberly as she discusses her Hollywood career, her relationship with DDP, the rise and fall of the Nitro Girls, her answer to the rumors about Eric Bischoff and the Gold Club, and all the funny stories you can shake a stick at.

Also on this show, a definitive RAW recap, SmackDown discussion, and a long chat about the upcoming ECW pay per view and why it may or may not be successful.

To download this show in streaming media, visit

To download this show directly to your desktop, right click the following link and save the file by visiting

Kimberly Page:

-- Chuck opens up the interview by saying it's a pleasure to speak with Kimberly. Kimberly thanks James and Chuck for having her on the show as James makes an inside joke about it being an honor speaking with her. Laughs all around!

-- Chuck mentions that when he called her yesterday, Kimberly was putting on some Alicia Keys. Chuck asks if that is indicative of the music Kimberly likes. Kimberly says she likes all kinds of music but considers herself, above all else, an 80's Diva. As such, she likes a lot of 80's pop and rock. James almost wets himself as the two briefly discuss some classic hair metal such as Ratt, Tesla, The Scorpions, Dokken, Poison, etc, etc.

-- Since WCW closed, Kimberly has moved to California to be near Hollywood in order to pursue her acting career.

-- Kimberly will have a part in a movie called The 40 Year Old Virgin that will be out in late summer. But, she has a big role in an independent film called Monarch of the Moon where she plays the lead villain.

-- She's listed as doing stunts on her filmography but she is not a stunt worker. She's very proud of the fact that she will do stunts as long as she's doing her own stunts. In other words, she doesn't have a body double and she herself isn't a body double.

-- Kimberly has small parts in the famed movies Rat Race and Seabiscuit. In Rat Race, she plays herself or a version of herself as the wrestling character of Diamond Dallas Page's wife. In Seabiscuit, she plays a bar wench (her words) that serves a shot to someone out of her "ample bosom." This floors James and Chuck. Two men in their 20's immediately get mental images when things like that are discussed!

-- Kimberly says acting is a marathon and not a sprint and she is going to fill her resume with independent films.

-- Kimberly loved working for Richard Lowry who directed the film Monarch of the Moon. She says the movie is different and a lot of fun. It's a spoof on the 1940's serials like Flash Gordon. Her costumes are so creative that you may or may not even realize it is her playing the lead villain.

-- Kimberly only learned to wrestle to a point. "At that stage, I thought I spent enough time in emergency rooms with my husband," said Kimberly. She mentions that she only did a few spots and even those spots there was a potential to get hurt. And, a few times she did get hurt. So, acting really appealed to her more than wrestling. She does do her own stunts in acting but she won't do them unless she is 100% trusting of the stunt coordinator.

-- Kimberly was a fan of wrestling back in the late 80's and early 90's when Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Elizabeth were the big thing. She remembers watching the pay per view event where Randy and Elizabeth got married (Summerslam 1991) and first of all having her mother look at her like she was crazy for watching it and second of all thinking how beautiful Elizabeth was. She goes on to say how she and Elizabeth stayed close up until when she (Kimberly) moved to California. She misses Elizabeth greatly.

-- Kimberly was attending graduate school when she met DDP. She was trying her best to get her masters in marketing. When she did, she hated it. DDP in turn was trying to make it in wrestling. After doing a little modeling, she was brought in to wrestling to do some valet work. It was 2 years into her work as a valet until she actually got a contract from WCW. She says she went on to be under WCW contract for 8 years and feels it was a wonderful way for her to be where she wanted to be, in front of the camera instead of behind it.

-- "We all make our own choices. She made her own choices and they turned out to be her demise. It breaks my heart to this day. But, ultimately we're all responsible for the choices we make. It's really sad. To this day, I feel that Lex has enough burden on his shoulders without worrying about bad energy from other people. He loved her a lot. I can't fault him."

-- Kimberly laughs when we mention the Dave "Evad" Sullivan love triangle. James professes his love of the "Evad" character. Kimberly enjoyed it tremendously but feels they pulled the plug on it a bit quickly without letting it progress or climax the way it should've. She also says Dave is a wonderful guy.

-- We mention that Ed Leslie AKA The Booty Man AKA Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake AKA Zodiac AKA The Butcher AKA The Man Without a Name AKA The Disciple AKA Brute Force AKA Brother Bruti bashed Diamond Dallas Page and Eric Bischoff for "holding him down." Kimberly seems surprised that Ed had heat towards them because she enjoyed working with him. "He was a nice guy. And, he had a beautiful bike," says Kim.

-- Kimberly seems to not want to take credit for the amount of WWE stars using Playboy for publicity these days. Kimberly mentions that Madusa posed for it before she did.

-- Kimberly mentions that Eric Bischoff's wife is actually in Playboy this month in the "Not So Desperate Housewives" edition.

-- Eric Bischoff went to DDP and Kimberly's house one day and discussed ways to incorporate women into the WCW product. After a brainstorming session, the idea for the Nitro Girls came to be. Kimberly headed up the Nitro Girls and liked it because there was all different types of girls in the group.

-- "He killed the Nitro Girls," says Kimberly about Vince Russo. James mentions how they tried to have them wrestle and they simply weren't wrestlers. Kimberly agrees. They also discuss how they were marketable with the video released as well as the Nitro Girls calendar and so forth. But, she feels Russo wanted to go in a more "old school" direction with no dancing girls and after that, the only time you saw the Nitro Girls was maybe for a few seconds once a week if that.

-- Kimberly was on her way out of the group at that time anyway because running the group and trying to keep up with her home life and such became a strain.

-- The reason the angle between she and Page in 2000 never really finished was due to a lot of circumstances. One of them was that they wanted her to do things she wasn't willing to do. Another reason was she simply wanted to do acting and was sort of out of wrestling at this point.

-- Kimberly is so proud of DDP. "I love him more than ever." She goes on to talk about Yoga and how Page felt about it before he tried it. She also says he is sitting on a million dollar idea with the book and video "Yoga For Regular Guys" which takes the work out that is Yoga and removes a lot of the aspects of it that turns men and some of Western culture off to it. James discusses his passion for Tai Chi and Chi Kung but how he dislikes the crazy names like "Monkey Sits on Rock" and such. Kimberly says that and a lot of the feminine things that detract men from Yoga are taken out and replaced with masculine aspects making Yoga exactly what the book and video title should indicate, "For Regular Guys."

-- James seems to not want to ask the next question but realizes it must be asked. He asks about the Gold Club rumors that surround her, DDP, and Eric Bischoff. Kimberly seems unaware of what James is asking which is fair enough. Kimberly then does tell a great story about Eric when he insisted on petting her cat. This cat is not particularly friendly but Eric insisted on petting it. Eventually, he got scratched by the cat and it ticked him off. Eric screamed that he was going to throw the cat into the wall. Kimberly then kicked him out of the house. A few hours later, it dawned on her that she just kicked her and her husband's boss out of their house. She says to this day, Eric still kids her about that day.

-- Kimberly mentions that Monarch of the Moon should get a great deal of national and international releases and says to check out to keep up on that as well as all the other projects Kimberly's up to including new photo shoots, newsletters, and more. Do check it out. It's a great site!

-- Kimberly will once again be a part of Wrestle Reunion this summer. Check out She says it is unlike any fan convention because you have huge name superstars going one on one with the fans.

-- We then roll into a few word associations with names like Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Fyre, Spice, Whisper, Randy Savage, DDP, and more!

-- All of this and so much more can be heard from the beautiful Kimberly's mouth by clicking the link. This is a 40 minute interview! You're bound to hear a lot more than what the text would indicate!

-- The show rounds off with an ECW discussion including James' memories of ECW and what made it great as well as why the One Night Stand pay per view will either be a raging success or a pathetic failure. The show wraps up with "Wild" Mick Brown belting out Crazy Mary Goes Round on Dokken's 1999 release titled Erase the Slate. Pick it up!

**** The Interactive Interview returns to the air on Tuesday, May 24 at 10 p.m. EST with Jamie Noble, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Al Snow, and perhaps a few more surprise guests. Hey, we're allowed to take a vacation. But, don't think we don't make it up to you!

You can check out all our past interviews as well as submit questions for all upcoming guests by going to, the official online home of The Interactive Interview! Join the forums and tell us what you think! Your feedback is ALWAYS taken into consideration!


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