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WWE: Dusty Rhodes Resigns As TNA Booker

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:33 PM
Source: PWInsider

Earlier today Dusty Rhodes resigned as TNA booker during a meeting in Nashville, TN. Sources are reporting, Rhodes left after being offered the chance to work as part of a committee to book and format the next TNA PPV, Hard Justice, which would have included several other names with Jeremy Borash, Bill Banks, and Scott D'Amore's also there too. Dusty Rhodes is still remaining with the company as talent and will continue on the air as the promotion's "Director of Authority."

Anyone who has been following the situation can see that this isn’t a surprising move made by Rhodes. As it was seen on TNA some of his characters and storylines dropped after the Destination X PPV and received negative critical response. Rhodes' will now have a different feeling at the TNA tapings after now not being in the booking team and being full time talent.

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