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WWE: Lita Heel Turn Update; On Screen Couple With Edge

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:27 PM
As we've been reporting, Lita is scheduled to turn heel in the coming weeks. For those who watched RAW last night, they are setting up a pretty obvious angle for next week which may tick many "MFer's" off.

The obvious going plan was to have Lita turn on Kane during his match with Edge next week thus aligning Edge and Lita together as an on screen couple in the coming weeks. WWE has always been known to capitalize off any publicity they can get, good or bad, and this looks to be just another example of that. In WWE's eyes, it'll wind up being a case of "We got the last laugh" which will likely start more "Is this a work" comments. It's a real life situation folks, WWE is just taking advantage of something that was placed right before their eyes.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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