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WWE: Lots Of WWE Notes, Hogan Update, Cena's Album, Austin, & More

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posted on May, 8 2005 @ 09:23 AM
- Hulk Hogan hinted that he might return for another wrestling match in an interview with

- will have a special chat with John Cena this Friday at 4PM ET. To be part of the chat, you must be registered with

- Matt Morgan's bio has been added to the Smackdown Superstars page at

- has a bit up about John Cena's upcoming rap CD. They are also now taking votes for Cena's "Bad, Bad Man" video for 'TRL'.

- John Cena will also be appearing on "Opie and Anthony" on 5/12 at 10AM to discuss his new CD and WWE. "Opie and Anthony" airs on XM Satellite Radio.

- The Washington Times has an article up on John Cena's new rap CD.

- Steve Austin was mentioned on today's edition of 'Celebrity Justice'. The show made mention of him trying to get Tess Broussard’s lawsuit against him thrown out of court.

- THQ reports that the RAW vs. Smackdown video game has now sold over 2 million copies.

Source: PWInsider & Various


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