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WWE: TNA News: Waltman Update, Styles' Deal; More

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:15 PM
TNA is currently working on a Best of Jeff Hardy DVD as well as the Destination X DVD.

Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles and Abyss will be on Blue Coller TV tomorrow.

Sean Waltman has been telling friends that he wont be returning to TNA unless he's paid the money he feels is owed to him. He claims the original deal they had was that he would get a guaranteed paycheck whether he worked or not and he has not received several. Waltman also claims TNA is not returning his phone calls.

Dave Sahadi is working on a video package of AJ Styles training for the NWA Title at Hard Justice. It'll feature comments from other wrestlers and is said to be 'amazing'. Styles' deal runs up in September and it goes without saying that they better start working to resign him. He is the glue that holds TNA together.

Tito Ortiz is on Jimmy Kimmell live tonight to promote his appearance at TNA Hard Justice.

TNA flew several wrestlers up on the Panda Energy corporate jet to attend Chris Candido's funeral yesterday. They were accompanied by Bob and Dixie Carter. The NWA Tag title was presented to Tammy Sytch at the funeral and was said to be a very touching moment.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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