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WWE: Backstage News: Rhodes-TNA Booker, Hardy News, & More

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:14 PM
Source: The Torch

As we reported last week on this site, Dusty Rhodes remained in his spot as the head booker for TNA at the Impact! tapings last Tuesday night in Orlando, FL. Despite there being little to no talk at all about a change in booking power within the company, there is said to be no confidence in any "circles" backstage in Rhodes' ability to be an effective and successful booker at this time.

On a related Dusty Rhodes note, he reportedly first spoke out publicly against the idea of bringing in former WWE stars Matt Hardy and Rhyno into the company once their 90 day no compete clauses run up. Rhodes later changed his thoughts on that after discovering the Jarrett's were very interested in bringing in Matt Hardy to reunite him with his brother Jeff (who has been with TNA since last summer) and no doubt capitalize on his name value at this point given the chants heard at every WWE event since his release.

Bob Ryder is no longer working full-time for TNA. Ryder still handles all travel agency duties, but has relocated from Nashville back to his home in Louisiana.

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