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WWE: JBL/Holly/Storm Incident Update, Batista News; More Inside

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:11 PM
- Even though Batista is listed as having a birthday on January 19, 1969, he is actually born in 1966 and has three daughters aged 20, 14, and 12. Batista recently signed a five-year contract extension with WWE, which by his own indications may be his final few years in wrestling.

- The 9/18 WWE PPV “Unforgiven” will emanate from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

- At Wrestlemania, Lance Storm sort of was trying to teach some of the younger wrestlers on how to behave so they don’t come off as having an attitude problem and he ended up specifically mentioning JBL and Bob Holly, who have a reputation for bullying people around. Anyway, the word got around to both JBL and Holly, one of which told him to f-off while JBL ended up challenging Storm, who decided to ignore the whole thing.

(Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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