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WWE: RAW Backstage News, Lita/Edge Storyline Together?; Major News

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:10 PM
With Vince McMahon back at TV after recovering from his injury, the backstage area at Raw on Monday was less relaxed and more intense than previous weeks.

Almost everyone internally was pleased with Mondays Raw show, which was wrestling focused. Morale overall is high, with many thinking that business is finally beginning to rise, with an excellent PPV buyrate for WrestleMania, a sold out, high grossing European tour and steady TV ratings.

Lita is set to turn heel on Kane, perhaps as early as next week. Believe it or not folks, there is talk of pairing Lita and Edge together, thus the setup this past week on RAW.

Trish Stratus is off TV and the road for the forseeable future due to a severe back injury. I am unsure if she requires surgery or if it is merely a case of rest and physiotherapy.

As a part of the draft, which is set to take place sometime towards the end of this month, Christian is heading to Smackdown and Kurt Angle is heading to Raw.

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