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WWE: Big TNA News: DDP & Monty Brown Gone?; Waltman, Rhodes' Arrest

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posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 02:06 PM

Dustin Rhodes was not at the TNA taping on Tuesday because he was arrested for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at the Double Tree Inn hotel in Orlando, Florida, as we reported earlier in the week. His father and head TNA booker Dusty Rhodes falsely hinted backstage to those who asked about his absence, before his arrest was made public, that he wasn't there because the budget was too tight.

Monty Brown was not at the tapings on Tuesday either, but for drastically different reasons. Brown is currently in a contract dispute with TNA. Brown recently signed on with famous agent to many WWE and former WCW stars Barry Bloom, who proposed a contract renewal for Brown. TNA officials reportedly turned it down and didn't even propose a counter offer. Monty Brown had been recently working without a contract, so he is currently free to sign with anyone. That could also explain why he was the guy who did the job in the big six-man main-event match at last Sunday night's Lockdown PPV.

Diamond Dallas Page was not asked to attend this week's TNA tapings because of budget cutbacks.

Sean Waltman gave his notice to TNA unless they agree to catch up on backpay he feels he's owed. A recent incident was Waltman not being written into a recent show, but not being told not to attend the taping of the show. Waltman, assuming everything was as usual, attended, despite not being used, and per-his agreement with the company, should have been paid whether he was used or not. He wanted a steady income agreement with TNA if he were to opt not to take dates on the indy scene, Japan, Puerto Rico, among other places he would have no trouble finding bookings. Waltman is currently in negotiations with TNA to resolve this issue.

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