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WWE: Hardy Boyz Return, Piper Officially Done With TNA, & More

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posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 01:55 PM
- Jeff Jarrett is said to be high on the idea of reuniting the Hardy Boyz tag team in TNA.

- Talks of TNA running house shows are non-existent.

- The planned main event for AAA's TripleMania on 5/15 is Latin Lover, Vampiro and Shocker (but he's been announced for TNA's Hard Justice PPV) vs. Konnan, Cibernetico, and a third opponent yet to determined.

- The five year contract Roddy Piper recently signed is not a talent contract, but a legends division merchandising deal. This means Piper is done with TNA.

Source: PW Torch


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