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WWE: WWE Management Worried About Backlash From Firing Hardy, More

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:56 PM
Source: PWTorch Newsletter

-- Matt Hardy is working on a DVD project, which will document the careers of his brother Jeff and himself. It will also apparently 'clear the air' in detail regarding recent controversy.

-- WWE is now realizing that the firing of Matt Hardy has generated a backlash much larger than they expected. Edge faced massive chants of 'You screwed Matt' and 'We want Matt' during his match on RAW this week. After this happened, WWE management realized that there was no way they could bring Lita out to the ring without the same thing happening. So instead, they decided to interview her backstage, but the boos were immediate and intense then as soon as her image showed up on the screen, which certainly did not make WWE management happy. The main feeling in WWE right now is that they have created a monster by firing Mat Hardy, and that monster will be very hard to keep quiet.

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