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WWE: Backstage TNA News: Waltman Update, AJ Styles; & More TNA News

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:53 PM
- TNA recently announced that their official merchandise website,, will be having a "great re-opening" where all orders will ship within three days. For those who ordered merchandise from TNA in the past, one of the biggest problems was that it took well over four to six weeks to receive. This is why many sites picked up on TNA DVD's as it took less time to ship.

- TNA has current trademarks on the following names: TNA Total Nonstop Action TNA Wrestling, Hard Justice, Lockdown, New Age Outlaw, Fuel, Raven, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Abyss, Final Resolution, Against All Odds, Bound For Glory, Destination X, King of the Mountain, Turning Point, Victory Road, Total Nonstop Action Impact!, Total Nonstop Wrestling Impact, TNA Xplosion, Sports Entertainment Xtreme, Slammiversary, Total Nonstop Action.

- AJ Styles did not wrestle on any of the three tapings that took place for Impact! last night in Orlando, FL. The reported reason Styles didn't wrestle was because his wife is about to give birth, so he flew home early to Georgia on Tuesday evening after filming a series of promos. Also, there are plans for David Sahadi to do a big produced package on Styles for the May 13 episode of Impact! that will air two days before Hard Justice as a "hard sell" to push PPV buys.

- To add on why Sean Waltman wasn't used at the Impact! tapings last night despite attending, there had been no set plans for him going into the taping after the Lockdown PPV on Sunday. The same could have applied for Diamond Dallas Page and Monty Brown who weren't used at the tapings either.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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