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WWE: TNA News: Duggan Update, DDP Not Used; More Backstage News

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:52 PM
- Hacksaw Jim Duggan was in town yesterday to promote a celebrity golf tournament he is organizing for charity. He decided to stop by the Impact! tapings to say hello to some old friends.

- Despite Diamond Dallas Page and Monty Brown not being used at the Impact! tapings last night in Orlando, FL where three hours of footage was taped that will air over the next three weeks, it's expected that The Outlaw & Monty Brown vs. Diamond Dallas Page & BG James will be added to the Hard Justice card on May 15.

- As we noted earlier today, Dusty Rhodes remained in charge of booking for TNA at the Impact! tapings last night. It should be noted that Rhodes' behavior backstage was described by one TNA source as someone who was doing what was asked of him instead of someone who appeared to be taking control.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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