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WWE: Details On Incident Involving The Undertaker At Ireland Gym

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:46 PM
-- There was a negative story about The Undertaker and WWE in a U.K. newspaper recently. According to the newspaper, Undertaker was spotting working out at a gym in Ireland a few days ago, and was blowing his nose on to the floor. When one of the employees of the gym asked him to stop, Undertaker reportedly told him to 'Shut the f*** up', and that the United States saved their asses in the war, or words to that effect.

-- If the newspaper article is in fact completely true, it is still unlikely that Undertaker will be punished. Despite WWE recently having Rhyno fired for causing a scene in public, Undertaker's status in WWE will most likely protect him from any type of punishment from management.

Source: W365

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