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WWE: Stacy Keibler Talks on Winning Boty 2005, Diva Search & More

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posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 04:50 PM
Report by Steven Fernandes

Byte This – April 20, 2005

Hosts: Marc Loyd and Steve Romero

Guest: Stacy Keibler

(Stuff in brackets include my comments and stuff that wasn’t actually said on the show, etc.)

They show a clip of Stacy Keibler, probably from the DVD, talking about her photo shoots for BOTY 2005 and talking about Mexico.

Stacy Keibler joins the show.

They ask if she’s happy with the cover of the DVD. She loves it. She thinks the picture is totally her. That was one of the last photos they took after the shoot was over. She was just fooling around, running around and looking back at the camera, almost falling over a clip over the ocean. She says the picture shows so much energy. Romero says she partial to the polka dots. (He should have done that in a Dusty voice.)

Loyd wants to know if that happens a lot where the best photos come out not from the shoots, but when they least expect it, as was the case with the DVD. Stacy says that’s usually how it happens, because its natural. She says when you are too posed, or thinking too much, or concentrating on other things, you’re just not relaxing and having a good time.

Romero brings up that most people don’t know what goes into doing a photo shoot and all the hard work that goes into it all through the day. Stacy gives an idea of what a day at a shoot is like. They are up at 4:30 in the morning to get their hair and makeup on, and make it outside before sunrise, which she thinks is around 6 a.m. They shoot all day with maybe one break to get something to eat. And then shoot all the way till sunset. She says its pretty exhausting, having to bend your body in different ways, to get a good picture. So they are exhausted by the end of the day. Romero jokes that he likes that Stacy when to a place where she didn’t know what time the sun came up. She says she just did her makeup and followed everybody else, so she was sleepwalking for a couple of hours.

Romero brings up who helps her with some of her swimsuits. None other than J’Lo (Or Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Anthony or whatever she is going by this week) Stacy says she’s been good to her the last couple of years. They send her all the swimsuits for the season and they fit her perfectly.

Loyd congratulates her on winning BOTY 2005. She says its been fun, and its been great shooting different photo sets for every month of the year. She just finished shooting one set recently.

Loyd asks what she likes doing better- the photo layouts or being in the ring in front of the camera, where she can show more of her personality. She enjoys both, saying they are completely different. She says photos can be manipulated. She can have a photo shoot and what the fans see can be different because of technology. But working in front of camera, especially on RAW since it’s a live show, you get exactly what they are delivering. She likes both, but enjoys being on camera more better.

Romero brings up that she posed with an iguana (??) on the DVD. She says the picture did not make the magazine, but in the video, she isn’t too crazy about an iguana on her back. But the photographer said it would be cool. She walked over to the trainer who was holding it and Lita said it just peed on her (LOL)So she said no way is he going to pose with that thing. She doesn’t know what happened but a minute later, she is doing a shoot with the iguana on her back, so she got conned into doing it, but says it was pretty cool. They show the video clip as she is talking and they bring up that she is cringing when they put the iguana on her back. Stacy says she was pretty scared actually. They said if she should get hazard pay. Stacy says if only they could get paid at all because they don’t get paid for doing these shoots.

Loyd says one of the good things about being a diva and doing these photo shoots is getting to travel to different places. Does she have a favourite spot? Stacy says if she is going to be in a bikini, her favourite is the beach. They went to Arizona one time and it was something different, but she prefers the beach.

Romero brings up the Basic Instinct WM spoof. She loved it. It was one of the best things she has done since she has been in the WWE. She wanted to show the fans that they can be completely different characters, and that was complete different from what she normally is. She loves being a bad girl. She loves the smoking and sexiness part of her character. She says everyone sees her on RAW as a goody-two shoes so this was fun to do.

Loyd says that she doesn’t smoke so it had to be a tremendous challenge to pull that off. He adds that he gags if he even smells a puff being blown towards him. (what a wimp…) Stacy says she isn’t a smoker and will never be, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a cigarette before, so she’s had opportunities to smoke before. They asked her what kind of cigarettes she could tolerate. She described the ones her girlfriends smoke. Kind of skinny, girlie types. If they got her those, she could definitely pull it off. Romero says so as to not confuse anyone; she is smokin’, but not a smoker.

Romero brings up the 2005 RAW DIVA search and what the current divas think about it. She says obviously last year’s was a hit as they ended signing almost all of the Top 10 girls. So the fans ended up liking a lot of the girls (as if that played a part in them being signed). She herself doesn’t have much thought about it. She just thinks it did good last year, so they are doing it again this year.

Romero asks if she has any advice for the hopefuls. She says just to be themselves; because if they are fake and phoney and they get the job, in the locker room “that won’t fly.” Especially with the wrestlers and the rest of the divas. She doesn’t think it’s right if they act phoney.

Romero brings up her doing photo shoots for every month of the year. Any hints for the upcoming months? She did some spring and summer outfits and some cute daisy duke outfits. She did 4th of July. Some bikini shots that they didn’t use for the magazine will end up on the web site.

Loyd asks since she did the Basic Instinct bit, would she want to do something with WWE Films (Her response was “WWE Films? Huh, what’s that?”)… She said she moved to Los Angeles a year ago, and she has been taking acting classes and she adds that Hollywood is a whole different world. So she would be open for something like that. If they gave her a script, she’d read it and love to be a part of anything they do.

Loyd asks if she likes it in L.A. She says it took a little getting used to it, moving from Baltimore. It’s a bit of a culture shock for her. But now she really loves it. She has some great friends and the weather is beautiful. She adds that she is “25 and single.” And she is having a blast.

Stacy Keibler leaves the show.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 09:29 AM
Stacey would look great wearing anything, even better with nothing on at all..

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 11:04 AM
yer. she would be nice in anything

that was alot of stuff you put in brackets TRD

maybe see if i can find a good pic of her

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 11:06 AM

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