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WWE: HHH Gets MRI, RAW Moving In Canda, Ratings & More

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posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 04:43 PM
Source: PWTorch

-HHH was in good spirits when he learned that his MRI came back and showed that there was no serious damage done to his neck or back and he wouldn't be missing any matches. He was also happy to learn that there was no chronic degeneration in his back which could possibly cause him to shorten his career.

-HHH vs Jim Ross drew a 4.4 overrun this week on Raw, which was down from the overrun of 4.8 that Batista had drawn the week previously.

-There is talk that WWE Raw may be switching networks in Canada because of the new Monday Night Football deal which is being moved to ESPN starting next year. With the new deal, TSN may choose to air Monday Night Football instead of WWE Raw, because of the higher ratings it would recieve and also the deal that TSN has with ESPN to air their programming. The Score could be a possibility of a new network for WWE to air Raw on Mondays.


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