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WWE: Referee Suspended, Gary Coleman and News on Piper

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posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 04:37 PM
Source - Wrestling Observer

WWE referee Brian Hebner was suspended for one month and fined $1000 for acting out of control during the Australian tour. Father Earl had to goozle him because he was making a fool out of himself after backtalking his dad. The feeling is that it had it been another referee with no family tie, he would have been fired.

Former child actor Gary Coleman will be appearing in a John Cena music video that was filmed last week in Los Angeles for the song "Bad, Bad Man". This song will be promoted for his new CD, set to come out on May 10th.

While making an appearance in the UK last week, Roddy Piper said he signed a 5-year contract with WWE. It won't be a talent contract but rather a legends division marketing contract where WWE owns their likeness and can merchandise them and the wrestlers gets paid $10,000, although Piper probably fetched more than that. This officially means that Piper is done with TNA despite saying he would return after Wrestlemania.


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