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WWE: Backstage Heat On Edge; Lita/Edge Keeping Their Distance, & Mo

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posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 04:16 PM
Source: PWTorch

-- Aside from his small circle of friends, Edge has a lot of heat backstage in WWE right now. There remains no "other side of the story" to what Matt Hardy has said in his online commentaries about the incident. "Nobody wants to be seen being friendly with [Edge] because he has so much heat with the boys," says one WWE wrestler.

-- Edge and Lita have been keeping their distance from each other lately. It is unknown whether this is because their relationship is deteriorating or because they are trying to keep a low profile backstage.

-- The SmackDown crew in general is said to be a lot more upset at Edge than most of the RAW crew. This is most likely because they are more "old school" and are more into enforcing locker room rules of conduct.


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