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WWE: Undertaker Backstage News, Orton Shoulder Surgery

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 02:23 PM
- There is a bit of ambiguity as it relates to Undertaker not appearing at the Hall of Fame ceremony. His on-the-record excuse was that he wanted to "protect the mystique of his character," but sources say he did not actually confirm his decision to remain at the hotel until hours before the ceremony began.

- Randy Orton’s shoulder surgery was scheduled for April 7 in Birmingham, AL. with Dr. Jim Andrews, so it can be assumed that it happened as planned. However, there are no updates on how well the surgery went. He will be sidelined for up to six months, but will most likely be used on TV occasionally. Orton has been telling people that he will be going to Smackdown once he returns

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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