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WWE: Lots of WWE News & Notes: SmackDown, ECW PPV & More

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 05:07 PM
-- I was watching the late replay of Smackdown on The Score and there were numerous sound issues during the broadcast (well it is still on), as the audio constantly is becomming faint and then extremly loud. Not sure if this was a WWE or Score issue....

-- Not sure if you saw this or not, so I figured I would pass it along. It is from earlier in the week and is a Montly Fool article by Steven Mallas on the WWE-USA deal. It is a rather good, and humerous read. It is available at

-- I was just looking over at the Corporate site for WWE and noticed that they now have a FAQ section. The first FAQ is extremly funny...

"Where do I send ideas/proposals for storylines, character development, scripts, marketing or business operations?

Please do not send or e-mail any materials (including scripts, screenplays, story-lines, ideas, music, business proposals, marketing concepts, etc.) having to do with character development, story-lines or in-ring activities. WWE does not consider or examine these materials."

-- I was over at the WWE website and was looking at PPV's available in Canada and unlike the USA version which says TBD, the Canadian version says ECW One Night Stand - Sunday June 12, NY NY.

Source: Adam Lebow, Wrestling Exposed

[Edited on 9/4/05 by TRD]

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