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WWE: Gene Snitsky Doesn't Like Monty Brown

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 05:05 PM
Quite like in the case of Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder, WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky has a profile at Myspace is like a web community site for people to meet people online with similar interests, and even pro wrestlers turn up from time to time.

Gene has posted some basic information on himself such as how tall he is, what college he went to, his salary bracket level and more. Apparently, he's a "swinger", but that word has more than one meaning. He also seems to be a fan of Playboy model Mandy Lynn as he's a member of her group.

The most startling thing about his page is that he belongs to an anti-Monty Brown group for some reason. The name of the group is much too obscene for me to mention here. Why Snitsky may have some animosity towards TNA wrestler Monty Brown is unclear, but yet quite petty.

Monty may be in WWE this time next year as he's shown interest in going to the WWE as his contract will run out in a few months and he's not exactly 100% happy with TNA these days.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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