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WWE: WWE Notes: Steve Austin, Batista/HHH, Beer vs. Protein Shakes

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posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 12:45 PM
-In regards to the most popular searches on the Internet, according to, it's interesting to note that 45+ year olds would have WrestleMania as their top search on the internet. Visit to check out the full article.

-Media General News Service has an article online looking at whether or not Batista will be able to cut the mustard as WWE World Champion, as well as discussing WrestleMania, some Indy news, and more. Visit to check that out. recently ran a poll asking fans whether they would rather have a beer with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or a protein shake with Simon Dean. Who won? You guessed it! By a landslide margin, 80% to 20%, fans voted they'd rather have a protein shake with Simon Dean. You have to love WWE polls. The website also ran a poll asking fans which title match they enjoyed more at WrestleMania 21, to which HHH vs. Batista won with 70% of the votes, to Cena/JBL's 30%.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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