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WWE: More Off Air RAW Notes: After Cameras Stopped Rolling; More

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:41 PM

Raw Notes

- Before the show began, a video promo from Mohammad Hassan and Daivari aired, highlighting their feelings of discrimination.

- Trish Stratus received a major babyface pop before, during, and after her segment with Christy Hemme and Lita. There's just no way the fans are accepting Christy.

- Following Shawn Michaels' beating from Hassan and Daivari, HBK came up limping, selling the ankle work from Kurt Angle the previous night. HBK left the ring to a round of applause and thanked everyone for their support.

- After Chris Benoit took a post-match beat down from Edge, Benoit was assisted up the ramp by three referees. Benoit stopped at the top of the ramp as the fans gave him a standing ovation.

- During the commercial break following the Steve Austin, Simon Dean, Maven segment, there was a loud "She's not happy" chant directed at a fan on the floor seats who was wearing a shirt with "JBL" inside a heart.

- Prior to the main event cluster match, Randy Orton stood atop the top turnbuckle and did his "extended arms" pose for nearly the entire commercial break.

After Raw Went off the Air

- Following Triple H's bigfoot entrance, Batista stood over Randy Orton as officials checked on Orton's shoulder. Batista posed on all four corners, doing the fist to the heart motion towards the fans. Batista went up the entrance ramp and posed for both sides to close the show.

- Many fans were left disappointed because there was a) no post-Raw match, b) no Ric Flair, c) no promo from Batista (can you say the Triple H effect?) and d) a crummy main event match.


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