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WWE: Big Update On RAW On USA Network; NBC Specials

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posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 04:54 PM

Television and WWE industry sources are claiming WWE and USA Network have reached an agreement for the WWE cable package to move back to the USA Network this fall, as we reported here earlier today. The announcement is expected to be made early this week, with a possibility of the announcement being made tomorrow night.

One TV network source says there was serious talks during the negotiation between both parties for WWE to have broadcast network specials on the NBC channel. Part of the WWE's strong interest in moving from SpikeTV to USA Network was that USA is now part of the same Universal conglomerate as NBC.

Vince McMahon also has a great relationship with one key USA Network executive, Bonnie Hammer, dating back to their previous relationship when WWE was on their network five years ago. According to several sources, McMahon never established a strong relationship with any executives with SpikeTV or Viacom during their five years on that network.

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