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WWE: Possible WM21 Spoiler, Randy Orton Update, Hogan/Mania News

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posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 05:44 PM
It's official now that the planned main-event for the Backlash pay-per view is Triple H vs. Batista. Some commercials for it actually started airing early, but that doesn't necessarily give away the result of tonight's main-event other than it's a safe bet that HHH isn't going to pin Batista clean. Triple H apparently wants about 25 minutes for the match with Batista tonight, but many are under the impression that it wouldn't be the smartest move.

As far as Randy Orton is concerned, he'll be out at least four months (six seems more likely) with a torn rotator cuff. Draw whatever conclusions from that that you want.

After the Hall of Fame show on SpikeTV last night, the big question - since Hulk Hogan stole the show with ease, is how he'll be used tonight.

It'd have to be considered a big disappointment if he's just announced as one of the inductees this year and not used in some other sort of role. At the same time, we went down this road before with Hogan getting the long crowd reactions and not delivering at the box office during his last run with the company, so it'd have to be a one time thing.

If they were to go that route, it'd be foolish not to promote it and build it up for a few weeks, but an angle could always be shot tonight on the biggest stage of them all to set that up. Whether or not they chose to go that direction is yet to be seen.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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