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WWE: WWE Notes: Hurricane/Maven, Lance Storm, Al Snow, WMania

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posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 11:50 AM
- Lance Storm has a new online commentary up talking about Vince McMahon, the NHL lock-out, and more. Check out the article at

- The Hurricane and Maven were telling people at the THQ Superstar Challenge yesterday that WrestleMania will feature a 30 man battle royal, with 15 stars from each brand. We're still not sure if this will be on Heat or WrestleMania.

- Word is that there is very little buzz in Los Angeles going into WrestleMania this Sunday.

- WWE has no house shows this weekend as they get set for WrestleMania 21.

- Word is that Al Snow will be wrestling at the ECW One Night Stand PPV in June.

- The local worker who took on Kurt Angle in the Free Exhibition Show was Funky Billy Kim.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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