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WWE: More WM21 News Inside, Hogan, WWE News & Notes

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 01:41 PM
- The new WWE WrestleMania XXI video game on the X-Box will be released on April 19th.

- The official music that is expected to be used for WrestleMania 21 this year is called "Bigtime" by The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The song was used in the background to hype the card this past Monday night on RAW.

- John Cena has done an interview with the Lilsboys in the UK. In the interview, he talks about working against Batista, his fast push, WrestleMania, and more.

- has an article up on Hulk Hogan and how he is in the Florida Keys with a VH1 film crew, shooting for his new reality show.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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