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WWE: Jericho/ECW PPV, Bischoff Talks WCW, Bodybuilder To WWE?

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posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 03:31 PM

Chris Jericho was yesterday's special guest on The Pain Clinic. He talked about the new Fozzy album "All That Remains", his match at WrestleMania XXI and the ECW Reunion PPV. He discussed Marty Jannetty's appearance on RAW a few weeks ago and missing hockey. Check out the interview online at

-Yesterday's "Pittsburgh Tribune-Review" has an interview article with Eric Bischoff where he mainly discusses running WCW and how the company went down, including saying Ted Turner made a mistake when he hired Vince Russo. It's a good read, which you can check out online at, the official website of bodybuilder Lenda Murray has a note about her wanting to work for WWE, saying she would like to make an appearance for the company, but after doing a week of training at 42, her body couldn't hold up to a full-time schedule.

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