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WWE: Edge's Rental Car Tires Slashed?; ROH-WWE Deal, Diva's DVD

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 01:41 PM
As we noted over the weekend, Matt Hardy showed up with long time friend and SmackDown! star Shannon Moore at the RAW house show in Fayetteville, NC this past weekend. We're told the two did not cross paths during the night but a number of the boys have said Edge's tires on his rental car were slashed in the parking lot. This is the same night Shannon was involved in a car accident where Matt Hardy had been following him home. More as we get it.

We're told that some sort of agreement has been reached by the WWE and ROH where lower name talent that isn't booked or pushed a lot in the WWE can come in to ROH and work a few shows here and there such is the case with Steven Richards who was on the last ROH show and is booked for two upcoming ROH shows.

The Viva Las WWE Divas DVD will be released on Tuesday April 5th.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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