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WWE: JBL Cuts Racist Backstage Promo; & Backstage Heat On Raven

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:50 PM
PWTorch Newsletter

-- JBL had to redo his backstage promo on the March 3 edition of Smackdown with Orlando Jordan. In the original take, he told Jordan that if he lost, he would be kicked out and sent back to be 'with his people'. This drew some gasps backstage and after a brief debate, he had to redo the promo and replace that line with'with your kind'. WWE felt that it changed the connotation from racial to economic.

-- Some members of TNA management have been blaming Raven for the poor quality of his recent matches with Dustin Rhodes. The general assumption backstage is that Raven asked to work with Dustin in hopes to score some points with TNA's head booker and Dustin's father, Dusty Rhodes. Those who believe that t theory are said to be happy that it backfired on Raven.

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