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WWE: Updates On Scott Hall's Health & Candido/TNA

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:48 PM
Source: PWTorch Newsletter

-- Chris Candido has maintained a good reputation in the TNA locker room thus far. “He deserves a second chance” one wrestler said. “He’s not the great worker that he used to be, but he is still trying hard”. As you may or may not remember, Candido had issues with substance abuse during his ECW days, however he seems to have cleaned up and continues to stay clean.

-- There aren’t any plans to bring back Scott Hall to TNA at this time. The company is still completely willing to work with him, but they are giving him time to sort out his personal life first. Hall has once again split up with his wife. Some friends say that he has hit a lower version of rock bottom than he has ever before, and there is extreme concern for his personal safety.

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