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WWE: TNA News Update: War Games Match, Trytan, Styles, Nash

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:47 PM
Right now the planned main event for Lockdown is a Wargames Style match inside the 6 Sides of Steel.

When AJ Styles loses the X Division title he is expected to return to the World Title picture.

AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page, and The Outlaw all appear on the artwork for the 4/24 Lockdown PPV, which is scheduled to feature two Six Sides of Steel matches in the main events.

Kevin Nash will be teaming with Scott D'Amore in the main event of the 4/15 Border City Wrestling event in Oldcastle, Ontario Canada against A-1 and Joe Doering. Also scheduled for the show is Chris Sabin vs. The Amazing Red and more.

Dusty Rhodes will be signing his autobiography at Rob Van Dam's comic book store in early April.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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