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WWE: RVD Update, Steve Austin/Mania 21, Big Show, More

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:38 PM
Rob Van Damn stated the following in a recent interview about the ECW PPV: "I will definitely be at the show, if it does indeed happen. I say that because I have not spoken to anyone since I've been off on this. The Pay per View goes down, you better believe it will be all old school ECW action! WE won't let it happen any other way."

Speaking of Rob, he will be signing autographs at his California comic book store during Wrestlemania week. He has been trying to keep busy while he rehabs an injury.

Steve Austin will be on the CBS' Late Late Show on Tuesday 3/29 to promote Wrestlemania 21. He'll also be on Live with Regis & Kelly as well but we don't have a date just yet.

The Big Show recently filmed a WrestleMania 21 commercial spoofed around the movie "Taxi Driver". This should air in the next few weeks.

The India Times noted the huge surge in prices for WWE tickets online in an article today.

The Triple H cameo on Fox' Bernie Mac show airs on 3/18.

An update on the Ted DiBiase story. The handshake WWE deal he has is to come in for a couple of months and work as an agent and on the creative team. This is the same job Kevin Sullivan was under consideration for earlier this year but talks never really got started despite us being told that he was a lock to come in at the Royal Rumble. Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) is still in talks about a number of opportunities.

Jimmy Hart has been telling people that Brooke Hogan singing at Wrestlemania 21 could be on the cards but he doesn't know for sure. The current plan has Lilian Garcia but if the Hogan's get their way she would have to give up the spot.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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