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WWE: More On Gail Kim Nude Photos, Orton Creates Problems, Vince

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:34 PM
-Randy Orton got into a bit of mischief with Rochelle during her fast day at Raw. She apparently didn't even know who he was and blew him off, so in return he decided to fill her bag with "goodies" and it ruined everything else in the bag. She was then moved to Smackdown after the incident, but several wrestlers have been very critical of Orton's childlike behavior. They feel that if it been someone else then they would have been fired.

-Several other people have stepped in to fill the role of Vince since his injury, including Triple H, Jim Ross, John Laurenaitis, and Kevin Dunn. But, one person who hasn't stepped up his role at all is Shane McMahon. It is becoming more and more apparent that Shane may not be the heir apparent after all.

-There is more and more news on Gail Kim's nude photos that have popped up on the internet. It appears that most if not all of the photos were taken for a marketing campaign in Korea. There has now been a grand total of seven different nude photos which have popped up since she appeared on a Korean website.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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