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WWE: Major ECW Update: TNA/WWE Negotiations, Shane Douglas, & More

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 03:54 PM
Source: PWInsider

There has been lots of talk throughout the last several weeks about a rivalry of sorts between WWE's ECW One Night Stand PPV, and Shane Douglas' ECW Extreme Reunion show which takes place the night before. However, most of these reports are false. Apparently WWE never said that any talent would not be able to work Douglas' show if they worked WWE's show.

Some of the wrestlers may work both shows, and some may not. WWE is treating the outside talent they use for the show as independent wrestlers, who are coming in for a short term deal and getting a payday to appear on the ECW PPV.

In a quite shocking and surprising move, WWE representatives contacted TNA last week about the possibility of TNA sending Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, Douglas, and Raven to their ECW PPV.

Right now it doesn't look like Joey Styles will be calling WWE's ECW show. He has been very vocal about the fact that he will only be appearing at the Shane Douglas promoted event on 6/10.

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