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WWE: Who Will Be In Ladder Match?; Kane/WM Plans; Backstage News

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 03:39 PM
Source: Wrestling Exposed

Mark Henry is expected to be out of the ring for the next 6-10 weeks after injuring his leg while training down in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Hurricane has updated his website ( with a new commentary discussing the comedy of errors he's experienced since buying his first house.

THQ's WWE Wrestlemania 21 for the X-Box which ships on March 28th was reviewed in this months edition of XBM a UK magizine. Overall they rated the game as an 81%.

As of right now WWE has no plans to use Kane at Wrestlemania 21. That can and will likely change.

WWE took this week to decide how to play out the Undertaker/Randy Orton feud and will start next week on both RAW and SmackDown!.

Chris Jericho mentioned on Raw this week that he would take part in 6 man ladder match at Wrestlemania but didn't offer any info on who else would be in the match. The reason being that WWE is still unsure on who will be in the match but one idea being discussed is to make it for the IC Title and include Shelton Benjamin in the match. We have also heard that Gene Snitsky, Chris Benoit and Hassan may be featured in the match as well. We'll keep you posted.


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