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WWE: Chris Masters News, Veteran Comments On HHH/Batista & More

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 03:36 PM
Source: PWTorch

-- WWE agents have been telling Chris Masters to be aggressive in the ring, which may have been why he broke Steven Richards' nose in his first TV match on 2/21. Masters wasn't known previously as a reckless or stiff wrestler.

-- After hearing Batista put over Triple H's title reign on RAW, which is assumed to be encouraged by Hunter, one WWE veteran says "Triple H's insecurity is shameful now. It's not going to take down the company or anything, but it's never good when those in power are in charge of how they are portrayed on the air. Dusty (Rhodes) is a prime example of that. It's human nature to build the show around yourself if you have the power to do it, but it's getting to the point of hurting business."

[Edited on 7/3/05 by TRD]


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