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WWE: Undertaker Backstage News, Henry Surgery, New Talent; More

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 02:18 PM
- The Undertaker made a surprise appearance at OVW's training school yesterday to review the talent and make recommendations to the WWE office on whom should be called up to the main roster.

- Mark Henry tore his quad at practice late last week (in OVW) and required surgery to repair it.

- UPW's "Outlaws": Mike "Knox" Hettinga and Derrick Neikirk have signed with World Wrestling Entertainment and will soon be relocating to WWE's new Atlanta territory.

- Early estimates for the Royal Rumble PPV have the show drawing about 458,000 buys, or a 0.83 buy rate. If the numbers hold up, the PPV would be down 21.7% from last years 585,000 PPV buys.

- Wrestlemania XX in Japan drew 21,000 buys, the best drawing foreign PPV in history. The RAW broadcast from Tokyo certainly helped bring WWE attention in the country.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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