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WWE: Guerrero/Mysterio News, Shane McMahon, Swinger Update, & More

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Rey Mysterio is in a very good spot with WWE right now. WWE has full confidence in Mysterio as he has been a complete professional, gets a great reaction, and always gives his matches everything he has. His size is less of an issue than it ever has been but it still a factor in holding him back. Expect a major push for Mysterio this year, but not necessarily to a heavyweight level.

Guerrero apparently began to realize that there were no plans for him leading into Wrestlemania 21 so he began to formulate a plan with Mysterio. The original plan was for Eddie to turn on Rey at No Way Out, then feud into Wrestlemania. Obviously that didn't happen, but Eddie is expected to turn on Rey soon and face him one on one at Wrestlemania. So, expect them to drop their titles in the near future if the plan does indeed go through. We have not been able to comfirm this how ever. It is simply a rumor right now.

Shane McMahon has taken over Barry Warner's duties as head of the publishing department in WWE. Warner was let go recently and Shane has filled in for him for some unknown reason. Shane is also in charge of the WWE website. He doesn't really have much power backstage at this point how ever. With Vince out with his injury, Triple H and Stephanie have taken over mostly.

Johnny Swinger, who left TNA recently and was signed by WWE, is a former training buddy of Edge's from back in their days in Toronto. WWE may put Swinger in a program with Edge if they think they can spark some chemistry and have a strong feud.

Source: PW Torch


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