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WWE: Major Dean Malenko Backstage Issues, McMahon-Cena

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 01:57 PM
Source - Wrestlezone

Dean Malenko reportedly has heat with the cruiserweights, who don't believe he has been truthful with them. One complaint we've heard is that when someone pitches an idea to him, he presents it to management as if it was his idea. Malenko is also said to be pitching a reformation of the 4 Horsemen for Wrestlemania, with the group including Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko. Malenko has reportedly claimed that those four men made up the most popular version of the Horsemen. Malenko is also said to be pitching the idea that he should come out of retirement for one match at the ECW pay-per-view.

Vince McMahon has personally been pushing for John Cena to get some chances to become a mainstream star. Cena, who has a CD due out this May, is also being pushed by McMahon to be cast for the lead in the upcoming Predator movie. McMahon is hopeful Cena can become a Hollywood and/or music star to become more legitimate in the fans eyes, although judging by the pops he got last night at No Way Out, he is already far beyond over with the fans.

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