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WWE: Triple H/Steph In Power, JBL's Title Reign, Richards, & More

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:54 AM
Since the Royal Rumble Vince McMahon has not been able to attend TV Tapings or any other WWE events because of his dual quad injury. Triple H has taken on many more leadership roles backstage as of late. He is now considered a WWE higher up in some ways when Vince is not around. Stephanie also covers more of Vince's daily activities in addition to her own day to day responsibilities.

Steven Richards will be wrestling in Puerto Rico this weekend for the World Wrestling Council on February 18th, 19th, and 20th the. He will wrestle Eddie Colon for the WWC Universal Title on Saturday night. Steven Richards often works indy promotions when not on the road with WWE. Rosey and Rico will also be working the event. Many WWE wrestlers who are not used as much on either RAW or SmackDown! often work indy events with special permission from WWE. Rhyno works Ring of Honor somewhat regularly. Al Snow and King work outside of WWE a lot as well.

Thanks to Alfonso Castillo for providing the following information:

JBL has just become the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE in a decade. The last record was by Shawn Michaels who lasted as champion for 7 and a half months. The next goal would be for him to beat Diesel's record of almost a year as champion, but that seems unlikely as John Cena is favored to win at Wrestlemania.

Source: PWTorch


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