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WWE: Big WM21 Plans, Christy/Playboy, Orton, & More

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 04:45 PM

One of the original high-profile matches set for WrestleMania 21 this year was to be Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker. The plans then seemed to have changed leaning more in favor towards a tag-team match with Kane and Undertaker vs. Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich. Now, according to recent sources, it's looking once again more likely that we'll see Orton vs. 'Taker, in sort of a "Legend vs. Legend Killer" billed match.

Speaking of Randy Orton, has a new article up this week on his reaction to his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

The official WWE website also has new articles up on Christy Hemme in Playboy magazine, the Muhammad Hassan character, among a few others worth checking out.

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