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WWE: Big Show Rips Brock Lesnar & His Lawsuit Against WWE

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:09 PM
Source: PWinsider

Both Big Show and John Cena appeared on for an interview where the Big Show talked about Brock Lesnar and his lawsuit against WWE:

SHOW: You know what, I'm gonna tell you something. Brock, listen to me because I'm telling you the truth from the heart - I'm pissed at you. I did a lot for him when I came over to Smackdown. I worked hurt with herniated discs in my back, chewing vicodins like they were M&Ms just so I could stand up straight and get to the ring, to do my match, to take an F-5 or a belly-to-belly or whatever I had to do to get him over, because he was gonna be our man. Whatever got in his head, to turn his back, which he did, on a multi-million dollar contract, had everything he wanted, EVERYTHING HE WANTED, and he got it fast. Great work ethic, tremendous in the ring, a natural at understanding psychology, executing moves and just being a freak of nature in the ring. Brock was all that and a bag of chips, there's no doubt about it. To see him go pull some goofball stunt and go play football, it really showed a tremendous amount of lack of respect to the guys in the locker room because when we needed him...

BELFI: He wasn't there.

SHOW: I had to have knee surgery. I had worn my kneecap down to the bone and when Brock left I had to work an extra two months so I could get somebody over, I don't know who it was, (John Cena laughs) so I could leave to go get knee surgery. He dumped all that on everybody. Just the attitude of he wants this, he wants that, he only wants to work a certain amount of dates. Honestly, my personal opinion, hey we had a great run with him, and we don't need him. We can work around him. To give him the red carpet treatment again, hell no.


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