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WWE: WM 22 Location, The Rock Stars in "Doom", & More

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:03 PM
Source: Wrestling Exposed

The average attendance for WWE events in 2004 was 3,862. In 2003 it was 4,537. Keep in mind that WWE uses much smaller arenas for house shows usually.

WWE officials recently took a trip to Calgary to discuss the possibility of hosting Wrestlemania 22 there. At this point it is only in dicussion.

The Undertaker has recently lost more weight and is in top physical condition despite past injuries plaguing him.He's often given credit to his wife for working him out so much, being that she's highly into fitness.

Shooting of the move version of the game "Doom" is currently wrapping up in Prague. It's due out by August, but that is a very early estimation. With post-production, advertising, etc. it may not make it out until later in the year or early into 2006 even.

Brock Lesnar recently filmed ads for "Second Wind Exercise Equipment", a Midwestern company that sells used or "pre-owned" exercise equipment. They've used wrestlers for their commercials in the past as well. This might go against him in court as far as his argument goes against WWE where he claims to not be able to earn a living because of the no compete clause of his contract.


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