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WWE: Best Of HHH DVD; HBK News, Candice Update, Dreamer, & More

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:01 PM
Source: Wrestling Exposed

Candice Michelle continues to receive press attention for her part in the commercial which aired during the Super Bowl. One report describes her as a "bustilicious former soft-core porn actress and WWE personality." The reference to porn comes after it emerged that Candice appeared in a 2002 adult movie called Hotel Erotica. It's being widely reported that the FCC received a total of 8 complaints after the commercial aired while they received over 500,000 the previous year following Janet Jackson's infamous pop put.

The WWE is currently toying with the idea of releasing a 2 or 3 disc Triple H DVD in late 2005.

Shawn Michaels was at last night's Arkansas Rim Rockers Basketball game. He was signing autographs for five dollars which went to the Arkansas Food Bank. The line was long, it was at least about 150-200 people in line to see HBK and he was very nice in person and signed anything in front of him. It was great to see HBK in person and he told me he was happy to be there but was tired from the trip from Japan.

Tommy Dreamer is scheduled to appear at the 2/26 New York Wrestling Connection event at the Community Center in Deer Park, Long Island.


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