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WWE: DX Reunites, John Cena, & British Bulldog's Son Injured

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 03:59 PM
John Cena makes a live appearance on February 23rd for the Danbury, CT Thrashers game in the UHL against the Adirondack Frostbite. At the event, Cena will sign autographs, drop the first puck and meet and greet, as well as promote the WWE's February 28th house show in the same arena. When Foley appeared at a Wichita Hockey game there wasn't a great turn out despite his popularity. We'll see how many people Cena can draw.

Harry Smith (the son of the late Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog) had surgery yesterday on his broken hand that he suffered on his first Japanese tour. He expects to be back in New Japan in May.

Former DX members Billy Gunn, Sean Waltman, and Road Dogg reunited last night at an event for Promociones Mora at Auditorio de Tijuana. The three faced Konnan, Psicosis and Rey Misterio, Sr. in a one fall bout with Konnan pinning Gunn. Billy Gunn is set to start a feud in TNA very soon. He will team up with BG James to take on Konnan and Ron Killings. This match may be worked into a storyline which will start the feud off. Also, Sean Waltman has agreed to some sort of deal with TNA. We may actually see Waltman, BJ James, and Billy Gunn become a faction within TNA. Keep checking for an update in the future.

Source: PWInsider

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