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WWE: Molly Holly Update, Volkoff Update, John Cena, & More

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 03:01 PM
The MasonCity Globe has an article featuring Molly Holly. In it her strong religious beliefs, love of wrestling, turning down a Playboy offer, and more. It really reveals more about her life outside of wrestling.Read the Article

The Waynesboro Record Herald has a significantly large article featuring Nikolai Volkoff, future Hall of Fame member. According to the article, Nikolai is still wrestling and will be squaring off against a local PA wrestler, Joseph Brooks. Volkoff also discusses his career in the article. Read the Article

Today's edition of Newsday features a note about Spike TV's new "Slamming Saturday Night" lineup, which includes WWE Velocity.

WWE United States champion John Cena will be appearing at the 2/23 Danbury Thrashers hockey game. Foley's recent visit to a Wichita Hockey Game didn't turn out many fans. We'll have to see if Cena's name can draw.

Source: PWInsider


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